Sunday, 14 November 2010

Velveteen Dream

I have not done any dressmaking since moving back to Burgess Hill, but have for some time wanted to make some winter versions of my summer dresses. So yesterday i bought some cotton velvet and unpacked my sewing machine and utilised this pattern with much success.

This time i made the sleeveless version

I used a trick my pattern cutting teacher showed us last week to help the facings lay flat - she said that once you have sewn them in, trim and notch the seam allowances and then sew the seam allowance down onto the wrong side of the facing. it works a wonder! I am pleased with all those smooth curve lines.

I do feel grand when i'm wearing this one. most oppulant. I forgot about the instant gratification of dressmaking (compared with knitting - i am still labouring!) I think next will be something in tartan.

Also this weekend

  • I saw some music and drank some sweet sussex stout (and a sneaky christmas ale)
  • I received a mixtape (for october - long overdue and a nice surprise!)
  • There were a lot of autumn leaves, and this afternoon 4:30pm, everything was touched with a golden glow.
  • Mouse doesn't seem well. I am worried about her
A nice weekend this one - except for concern for mouse. I am hoping it is just her hibernation instinct kicking in and causing her to be dosy, and nothing to worry about. She is nice in this mood though because i can stroke her a lot. I am showing her pictures of Deb's gorgeous mouse faced biscuits to cheer her up, and feeding her cornflakes.

Now I can smell apple pie cooking and mum is making boiled bacon and pease pudding dinner. Very good!

Yours pork bellied,

and Mouse.

x xx

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