Tuesday, 2 November 2010

How the knitting is coming along

i am in full swing with my October cardigan - which is just as well because it's november now. luckily we are going through a mild spell, but i think this chunky one will be of great use in the coming months. I have just realised i have not even mentioned this again since it was just in the idea stage - here are the updates:

My design has altered a bit from my first ideas as after speaking to my mum, who is the guru, i decided that I would be more adventurous with my cables than i first planned, and do an all over cable design. Here is a small sample:

This is the wool - Skye in dark jacob colourway. i am pleased with it i think - although am never sure until i'm finished. I did a few sample cables to begin with, as found any small twists were lost because of the patterns in the colours. This one is worked over 8 stitches every eight rows (i think that will only make sense if you have done some cable knitting - but i will give some better instructions when i come to write the pattern) Then either side of the cable is three stitches of reverse stocking stitch and a slip stitch line. I am pleased with this pattern. very simple, but quite nice.

My progress so far is that i have completed the back and one front panel, and almost a sleeve. i am not sure about the sleeve though, and might start it again. perhaps without cables, or with a different texture as i have seen that done before and it might be a good idea. i am not sure though, and seem to have knitted a lot of it, so perhaps i will persevere.

Also, before i get back to my knitting, and put  on the halloween special of psychoville, I would like to tell you about my cable needle - it is a hooked one. i hadn't seen one like this before (neither had the woman in the shop, or my mum) but i find it much easier to use than the straight or kinked types, as it holds the stitches safely but hangs out of the way very helpfully. i would recommend that type.

Yours knicker in a twist, let's twist again, marshmallow twist,
Emilia. xx

ps. i will leave you with some more Prada. it is good to be reminded of the inspiration.

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