Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Germany 4 - Emily WIN!

It was bad luck for England football team this weekend when they lost their match against Germany. Our TV can't play BBC1, so i had to listen on the radio instead but i think that was ideal for me as it allowed for simultaneous activities. The commentary was great and the enthusiasm and excitement snapped me out of my heat induced fatigue and spurred on a little dressmaking. 

I finally opened up my 1963 empire line dress pattern and used one of the beauty remnants from a couple of weeks back. It was a much better two hours for me than for England Football Team.
Here i am with the pattern. You can see the fabric is little pink flowers.

Here is a better view of the dress. I am attempting the poses that the models use, but i don't have much control of my limbs.

On Saturday I also got to do some posing with my Bicycle, Ruby Blue and some fancy dress. It was part of Bike Week which had been a week of grand events to promote cycling in Brighton such as the naked bike ride last weekend, and free breakfasts for people cycling to work during the week. Celebrations!
Here is Yumi, Ellie and I. we dressed up and had our photos taken professionally and then got a free reflector for our spokes.

Gradiose end of week.

x x x

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Yumi said...

pretty dress emily, i like the sleeves especially.