Sunday, 6 February 2011

cross stitch progress report - at 1 month

I have found some great delight in settling down to a bit of cross stitch this weekend after so much sewing of costumes (more on those soon - they are looking rather great) and so here is a little progress report on my sampler, 1 month in.

how the garden doth grow

It is pleasing to be adding new colours and when i get to move on to a new part of the design. I managed to do quite a bit whilst watching Inception last night, although meant that I didn't really keep up with the film all that well. Never mind. 

Yours criss cross
Emilia.x xxx x x


Yumi said...

very pretty emily. i have a tiny bee cross stitch to make that i got for christmas.

Emilia said...

i like the sound of a tiny bee. x