Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Raspberry parade

(i used to think those were the lyrics)

remember this can you?

you would be forgiven if the answer was no as it was a long time ago i started this project. I do feel though that maybe it is a sign of a good knit:life ratio?

And really a nice feeling now i have finished:

What a wonder
crochet detail - there were a lot of stages to production. I am pleased with these buttons too - what a grand match

I am not sure if my crocheting is exactly accurate as I got into a bit of a muddle with double and trebles and british and american abbreviations. Now i look again i think perhaps the pattern was written with american stitches in mind, but i am pleased with the way mine looks, even if not quite right. 

I decided to leave off the little crochet hoop detail long before i reached that stage, and not just because i was feeling lazy at the end. I preferred the look of it without them i think. a little less fuss. perhaps i will change my mind though.

Also today my new coat arrived (on the hottest day i have known for a long time) i have wanted this coat for a long time. good for summer beach evenings i hope.

my face is crazy from the sun

Even my legs are looking a shade of berry at the moment due to that bright sunshine. must be careful. 

Yours berrily, berrily berrily berrily,
Emily. xx

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Alexis said...

it looks amazing! congrats on finishing it :)