Monday, 3 October 2011

Be square

over the last few weeks, crochet has been the order of the day.
I am enjoying trying out some different square styles for some shop items.

I started with a set of traditional granny sqaures:

 Then made some greek style squares:

And am now working on italian squares:

I think after these i will make some big sqaures, and maybe some circles! And hopefully put some items in my shop quite soon (i am quite slow with stocking that shop! I keep being thrown off course by things like sunny days!) i hope there will be someone who will really like to have some of these on their coffee table!

Lots of love,
Emilia. xx


The life after said...

Nice!! I hate this kind of manual things. You'really good!

devilbrighteyes said...

How do you find the time to do so many things! I am so jealous! Things like my dissertation are putting a stop to all things crafty right now! i have been meaning to blog about my seeds for nearly a week now! xx

Emilia said...

ah - lovely comments. xxx

Oh yes - dissertation would get in the way of crochet i think. But i think embrace the learning - i would love to be doing that again. There will be much time for crafting and planting when the studying is done! xx

Catherine Clarke said...

Em did you use a tutorial for your granny squares, i'm attempting them for the very fist time (i have ever crocheted) and i can get it what so ever!! :( gonna give up soon grrr xxxxx