Thursday, 27 October 2011


now i have a loooong weekend so i hope i will get lots of things done...

firstly i thought it would be good to catch up with myself a little and show you the progress of my little green friends:

I did not mention this little one before as had given up hope - but this is a cutting of a piggy back plant my mum gave me weeks and weeks ago. i put it in a pot and it started to rot, so i decided as a last ditch attempt to save it put it into my little vase of water - and now there are many very small new leaves! There is something magic about this little purple vase - remember the tomato? (that by the way is now potted, but not grown at all yet - it's still strong though so perhaps just resting for a bit)

And look at the paperwhites! They are the fasted growing of anything ever! I think they are going to flower long before chistmas!!

My spiderplant is still doing very well too and has some little seed pods - i might try planting them when i get a minute!

Yours the house gardener,
Emilia. xxxx

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