Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pied Piper

Oh my - it has really been a while. But here I am, with much to show and tell!

Tonight I will tell you about my progress with my Keira Chanel skirt project.

A couple of classes have passed now so I have done my cutting out, and last week was focus on seams. Julia showed me how to do piped seams and as I have not been able to find any velvet trim in the colour i want (i want periwinkle blue - which is very slightly purple - but only very slightly) I have decided that instead of trimming in the same way as keira's skirt, I am going to do piped seams in their place.

Last night i made my piping using some chording and bias binding which i found in exactly the shade i wanted! triumph. (in these pictures it doesn't really look like it matches at all, but to the naked eye in good light, i think is very nice)

And here is where I have got to tonight - i have piped the tops of the pocket panels and lined them now, and sewn the piping in place on the panel seams, but only pinned those seams so far. But i think it is an idea of how it is going.

Although it won't be so much the same as keira's, i think this will give a lovely finish - and grand to use a new skill.

I still have my black fabric which i haven't yet cut (i have realised it's a bit much to have two class projects, so this one is my homework project -  although i have fallen a bit behind with it - more on this another time!) Although i had a grand plan for it, i am wondering if perhaps i could use this pattern and make it in black with velvet trim. Oh the decisions. 

Well, soon i will have some more things to show you too, but for now this is all.

Much love,
Emilia. xx

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rose petals said...

Can't wait to see your finished skirt :) I'd love to learn how to make my own clothes, it would be an amazing talent to have X