Sunday, 29 January 2012

Spring Term Project

Now i have started back at my evening classes and although i previously mentioned some jersey sewing, i have decided instead that I am going to use this term to make a blouse. I've actually never made one and because they have all sorts of elements like collars and cuffs, i think it will be a good educational project. Also i think this will be really really useful in my year of no clothes buying. There is a lady in my class who is doing some jersey sewing though so i am taking notes from her experiences for next term (i will probably need a t-shirt or two by then)

my imagined blouse - the aim

SO, since my initial success with my easy fit block, I am confident to use that as the basis for my pattern. I did a little bit of google image research and decided that pin tucks would be a nice feature. and also a peter pan collar. and maybe some velvet ( i didn't need google to tell  me about that though)

I managed to get this georgette fabric (not silk) in the sale so it was very cheap - perfect for a first attempt (there is some silk i have my eye on if all goes well!) It's a dark navy blue so if i do decide to do add some velvet (maybe a trim or a velvet collar and cuffs) then it should be an easy colour to match to.

In my first class i just did some drawing. I added in some extra fabric for the tucks and button stand. I find pleats and tucks and things like that so confusing to draw so i think now i will just need to hope for the best. it is also very hard to know how big to make the tucks, and how much space to leave between them. I could have probably done with a practise before drawing the pattern. oops. perhaps there will still be time for this

I will use the same back piece as for my jacket, but redrew the sleeve to make it a slightly slimmer fit. i didn't want too much billow. I have also drawn a little cuff, and a peter pan collar (which is just a case of drawing the right shape!)

And so my task before the next class is to cut out my pieces and transfer the markings. I've been good at actually putting markings onto the pattern this time. i am learning my lessons!

Yours bloussonly,
Emilia. xx

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Alison Waller said...

Hello Emily,
I just wanted to say I think your clothes-making resolution is great! What an inspiration. One day I will learn how to use a sewing machine properly! Alison x