Friday, 18 May 2012

Mouse stop

My friend debbie (quite) recently crocheted this amazing doorstop. A mouse! I love it so much. 

All of our doors need doorstops, and i really love mice so i thought this would be a good addition to our home too. 

And i wasn't wrong - a lovely face he has: 

Here is my version. he looks quite different from debbie's (even though i copied her blue ear design) and from the one in the pattern. I like all the varieties.

He looks so lovely next to our door, but unfortunately he is not heavy enough to hold it:

Debbie used a kilo of rice in hers. mine just has 500g of pearl barley which i fear is not enough.

You can make a mouse using the pattern - it's a free one from Lion Brand and you can click here for that.

And this was a good project for me as i fear i have knitters block! More on this serious condition in my next installment.

That's all for now from me and mouse,
Dora x

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d e b b i e said...

Oh emily! He's very cute. I like the long distance shot the best. Small mouse x