Monday, 10 January 2011

Flickr: the new challenge

I am trying to pay more attention to my photography at the moment and I got a new camera for christmas which was a step in the right direction. it is not an artistic camera, but it is much better than my other one and has a lovely big display which helps me a lot.

Last week i took another step which was to make myself an account for Flickr. it seems that it is a really nice place to display the pictures and i think it will encourage me to be more mindful when i snap. also i like it when i can see what people are knitting on flickr and things like that so i hope people will be able to see the things i do too and enjoy looking through my pictures. i have not quite got it worked out just yet and i think it will be a learning curve, just like making my blog really.

here is where you can see my flickr pictures. there is not very much there so far, but one day i hope for a grand collection of lovely things.

Yours happily snappily,
Emily. xx

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