Thursday, 13 January 2011

New year knit (in moderation)

Although I am attempting to spend less time knitting, it is hard to shake it from it's position as hobby number 1. And so although i do feel i have spent a little less of my time knitting this last week or two (an achievement!) there is a little knit purl going on...

evidence - article 1 - knitting on the train

After the success of my december knitting, i decided that it would be grand to continue following patterns and to embark on another project from the same chapter of Rowan book 44.

this one is called Dietrich

A lovely romantic pattern to lighten my heart during the hardest of the winter months. I enjoy knitting to Martha's Piaf record for optimum 1940s romance. My cardigan will be raspberry red instead, but hopefully just as lovely. i am looking forward to the crochet challenge it presents too.

berry nice
Yours warm of heart,
Emilia xxx

Marlene Dietrich - what a beauty

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