Sunday, 16 January 2011

It began in Africa

This week i made another miniature, she is dedicated to my friend Liosliath who is living in Camaroon at the moment and who gave our Christmas gifts wrapped in some fabric. So i decided i would put it to use in a small tiny dress for  a new tiny friend. i can not really think of a nice name for her so i call her Jane.

Jane the little one

I also made for her a cotton garter stitch cardigan because we're not in africa and it's quite chilly. And a necklace to complete the look.

I think she is quite in vogue too by the looks of things as there are many african inspired outfits on the catwalks of late.

this one is by roberto cavalli. it is quite like the one i made i think

This was quite a nice theme for the week because I also had this mixtape arrive earlier this month made for me by Joe for the mixtape project


He has taken some better pictures here. It is really very nice indeed to hear some African rhythms on these grim English days. I have been enjoying the music in the mornings. This reminds me that i must get cracking with my january mixtape. 

Yours out of africa,
Emilia. x

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