Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Black Swan

This week has been very ballet themed for me.

Last night i had a cinematic experience and a half when we went to see The Black Swan. It was fairly intense to say the least and I found it very sad and also very scary and walked away quite shaken. But I am pleased I saw it and think it's good to have a shock sometimes. It was nothing a good pasta dinner and a bottle of beer couldn't shake away. And despite the darkness of the film, it was grand to have a glimpse of some ballet dancing- it is an amazing discipline.

At the moment I am involved with Sussex Youth Ballet Company (SYBC), helping to make some costumes for their forthcoming show. My task is shirts and waistcoats for the Ballerinos. There are just two of them and they need two sets of costumes each, so it is not too much work, but it is enough to be keeping me busy for the next few weeks. I have made good progress on the first set of outfits, black velvet waistcoats and burgundy shirts. The girls are wearing black tights with burgundy tutus and perhaps I will be allowed to trim those with gold too.

work in progress -much to do

The other set of costumes are lighter and brighter and more fantastical so I am looking forward to getting started with those. I am finding costume making quite a lot of fun as there is a bit less pressure for perfection than with clothes, and much more room for flamboyance. And it is going to be so exciting to see my creations on the stage.

a little tribute to the black swan i made

Ton, pas da deux,

Emilie. x

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