Saturday, 5 March 2011

Be Square

I am devoting lots of attention to making our new flat into a warm and inviting abode and the next thing on my list after 1. tea cosy was 2. a set of coasters and table mats (because we have a table for eating - quite grown up)

My first idea was to knit some using one of the lovely stitches in my reader's digest book, but realised that this was making quite a lot of work for myself. Instead i decided to use a few icecream colours i had in my leftover wools and made some granny squares, inspired by some lovely coasters my friend Debbie gave me a couple of christmas ago.

I have run out of wool now, but have 4 table mats and 4 coasters. This should be enough as so far we have only had two of us for dinner. Guests soon i hope.

it is nice to be making useful things for the house and not just clothes. I have also had a go at some flatpack furniture. i am pleased to be expanding my making skills!

yours at home,

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