Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fendi-ing for myself

Since i started my pattern cutting class, i am extra inspired when I read my magazines, knowing that i can put my learning into practice to recreate some of the things i see.

This term we have been drawing our bodice and sleeve blocks and learning about how to adapt them to different styles. It feels like progress has been slow this term, but i think it is just that those are quite complicated things to draft, and also take a bit more concetration to make up the toiles (i spent one evening just fitting in a sleeve!)

For my class project, i have decided to recreate a shirt dress i saw in the catwalk collections - this Karl Lagerfield dress for Fendi. I think it will be good practice for a lot of different block manipulation features. And i like to think i can have something that has been designed by Karl Lagerfield (although perhaps not with the same production skills as the house of Fendi. time to put to use this book i think)

I am now at the stage where I have created a mini version of the design using these miniature blocks. It's a good way to work out the techniques and mathematics needed without getting involved with massive pieces of paper.

Here are the mini pattern pieces i made from the mini blocks. I have managed to do away with the darts and create panels with curved seams, and added a collar to the front (needs some work!) With the sleeve block i put in some darts at the shoulder to make them boxier.

And here is the minature toile to see how it worked...

I am pleased to be at this stage. The mini dress is only put together very roughly, but it was useful to see how the pieces fit, especially with curved seams. I think it was good to have a little practice or i might have been a little daunted. I have some things to consider for the final pattern drafting too so this has been a very useful stage indeed.

good job!

Yours coming along,

Emilia xx

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Alexis said...

this looks awesome! so inspiring :)
can't wait to see the full size version