Sunday, 6 March 2011

drew back the curtains... oooh ohh

I am enjoying this first proper weekend in my new house. it has been far more relaxing than the last - and better to focus on the fun tasks rather than the unpacking and cleaning type jobs.

The next thing on my list after 1. tea cosy and 2. table mats and coasters was 3. curtains for the sitting room

I had to be quite careful when purchasing materials as there are two of us with quite different tastes to please. instead of opting for florals, i decided something more neutral was in order. i went looking for something heavy to help keep the warmth in and had in mind some orange, woolly check fabric. unfortunately i couldn't find anything to match my specifications but instead got this brown and grey tweed. I think this was a good choice for our room. especially for when our sofa arrives (charcoal coloured - soon i hope)

the fabric in close up - it's nice and soft

because the weave of the fabric is quite loose, it caused me a bit of a problem with squaring them up and attaching the lining. i didn't manage to get them perfect, but now they are hanging they look okay (although we could probably do with  few more curtain rings)

it's hard to photograph curtains - a real issue with lighting

i am very happy with this day's work - what a difference they make to the room. And i think they are keeping us cosy too.

Yours from behind the curtains,
Emilia xxx

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