Wednesday, 2 March 2011

a cape crusade

On sunday it was the SYBC show and i got to see my creations on the stage! All the children did such a good job, and with the full effect of costumes and lighting, and all the chocolates we ate during the performance, it was such a very lovely evening.

It was such a good feeling to see my costumes in action and at the end of the show i got called on to the stage to receive a thank you gift. i was scared of walking in front of all those people, but it was nice to get an applause.

This week i was asked to make some capes for a school production of Alice in Wonderland. that's sweet then. I don't like to say no to such tasks - so despite being in quite a need for a rest and quite ill with a cold, i said yes.

I am pleased with this one - a cape for the eagle. i cut out some feather shapes which really swish when you flap.

 i am ill

it is a shame i won't get to see this show, but this was a fun little task. i like all these costume projects.

this weekend will be spent with my feet up!
Yours the caped crusader,
emilia bird xx

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