Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sun-day Bun-day

Last night i decided to bake some hot cross buns for my sunday breakfast (and some holiday breakfasts. and snacks.) I found my recipe here at the good food site. I really recommend it!

 buns in the oven

This recipe is a real gem, but there were a few things i did differently. These were threefold, detailed as follows:

Firstly, the recipe instructs you to split the dough into buns to rise just once before baking. Instead, I let my dough rise once in the bowl and then beat it down before splitting it into buns and letting them rise again. This beating down breaks up the bubbles in the mixture and they come back smaller the second time round. I think this has really helped as they are definitely a very nice, soft, bready texture, and not full of big holes (like a ciabatta) as my bread normally is.

Secondly, I got into a terrible mess with the crosses using the Good Food method (making a flour/water paste and squeezing it through a hole in a food bag)  Instead i resorted to making a flour and water dough and cutting it into strips. much better. 

Thirdly, as i didn't have honey or syrup, i made my drizzle with 2 tbsps sugar and 2 tbsps water, heated together and drizzled over the buns as soon as they appeared from the oven. 

They are lovely and sticky!

toasted buns

Best enjoyed toasted with tea.

Yours, bun tummied,

Emilia. xxxx

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