Sunday, 3 April 2011

Simnel Sunday

Today it is mothering sunday! This year i decided to work out it's connection with easter and i have found out some interesting things especially that it is the middle Sunday of lent and also known as Simnel Sunday. And that it has its own cake. As I am very keen on traditions which involve cakes I decided that there would be no finer treat for mother.

I found the recipe for my simnel cake on this blog called Apple and Spice. I got myself a little confused whilst making it though as i had it in my head that it was an apple and spice simnel cake and thought 'there's not much apple' (in fact nil apple). But it has all become clear again now.

pre-toasting. what a pretty cake

The best feature is the layer of marzipan baked within the cake! and the glacé cherries.

I also learnt something from this recipe - that you can stop the cake from browning on the top, but keep it baking by covering it with kitchen foil. i think this is going to save me from many burnt edges in the future.

The recipe does however suggest putting the cake under the grill (or use a blowtorch on it) to toast the marzipan for the finishing touch. I thought this would be a good idea, and think it will add something to the eating experience, however has made the cake look like cheese on toast.

cheese on toast

Hopefully my experience will help you make an informed decision over the toasting part. Although a google image search has helped convince me.

I made a small sample for Rich and my tea. it's good to try before presenting to mother. we were both very happy to eat it.

a nice mid-lent treat and a good reward for keeping my mits off the chocolates for a whole 4 weeks. i will remember this for lents ahead.

Happy Mothers Day

yours regretting the grilling,
Emilia. xx

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