Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Yesterday I had a lovely first proper holiday day, and also a productive one. After finally sending off my mixtape, and reaching the finishing stages of my raspberry red cardigan (about time!), I had an inspiring trip to town...

... whilst browsing the rails in topshop, i happened upon this beaut...

topshop online describe it as a 'printed paperbag waist skirt'

Unfortunately for me, it was a little too much for my purse to part with, but a lovely design. And so for a fraction of the price, i found some fabric and armed with my skirt blocks and some dot and cross paper, set about a little afternoon pattern cutting!

the fabric was not so similar after all, but a sweet one all the same 

It turned into a much harder task than i had originally thought and ended up with a little bit of a headache. I can feel my brain working out when I am thinking about pleats.

my paper patterns

I made a couple of changes to the original, just to make it a bit easier for me to construct (put in an extra little pleat instead of the pockets, and put a concealed zip in the back seam rather than a fly opening in the front) but am pleased to have recreated the features i was attracted to - the paperbag waist, box pleats and deep coloured floral print.

Et voila...

 Good with a belt

box pleats in close up

I felt rather triumphant after all my headaching. It is nice when these things work out. 

Yours bagged and belted,

Emilia. xxx

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Anonymous said...

where did you buy this fabrik?
Please answere to the email. Thanks!