Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring green

And now it is finally time for a brand new knit! I am really pleased about it as I have had a project in mind for a while now: A mint green reverse stocking stitch cable shouldered DK cardigan.

I used to have a mint green cardigan, but unfortunatley it got shrunk in a careless washing machine incident. But for a while now i have been thinking i must replace it, but it's not been as easy as it might seem. i might sound like it's a bit of a limited colour, but actually looks good with all the other colours (probably there is an exception but i'm not sure at the moment) so i will be happy to have one in my wardrobe once more.
inspiration came from Topshop

i saw this lovely apricot cardigan which i thought would be a gem to replicate. Originally i thought it would be nice to have an apricot coloured cardigan, but i am never sure of the nude tones - i don't really think they suit me so am sticking to my guns with green.

some workings out - nearly there.

I have been making good use of my Design your own knits book. I think that because of my pattern cutting experience, i am more receptive to the process than i have been before and have spent some proper time in the planning stages. It is satisfying to do some drawings. 

I found the wool last week in Liberty. It was a real treat to see all the wool and choose the colour. I think if i had been buying online i would have ended up with more of a baby shade so am really pleased with this. Rowan pure wool dk in shade 006 - Pier (perhaps it is more of a sea green?)

Although I am copying a design i saw, i am trying to make some changes to make this my own. Rosie told us that to pass something as a new design, it needs to be different from the original in seven ways (she was telling us how Primark get away with their copying) I will try.

Yours in mint condition,

Emilia Knit. xx

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