Sunday, 29 May 2011


This week i have been going mad with a blocked ear. Isolation has been the theme of the week. A very strange time it has been.

However, on the positive side, it did mean that I got to nip in to The Fabric Shop in Burgess Hill on my way to the doctors and found a lovely array of nice things there.

I justified a new dress to myself because i was 1. going to the doctors 2. missing a violin lesson so saving some money and 3. depressed and didn't much care.

My mood was lifted when i spotted some spotted!

You can not tell the colour in this picture, but it is a lovely shade of antique navy i would say. There was a red there too which was rather lovely. And some florals. Luckily i have to go back for my ear syringe next week so perhaps another treat will be justified.

I thought that a good ting to make would be something very simple (still not finished Fendi - waiting for parts - more on that later) So i decided to use this simplicity pattern as a basis:

I have another dress which is a similar shape to this, but has elastic at the waist and half lined. I decided that it would be a good thing to do. I also decided to change the neckline so it could be worn without a blouse.

It was very simple indeed, although I had a couple of alterations to make - firstly because i lined the whole dress by mistake (instead of just the skirt) - but easy to fix. And also because i added a pocket, but realised it was not such a good feature afterall.

But here is the happy ending:

Good stuff! And nice with a belt.

Until next time,
Emilia. xxx


Alexis said...

very cute! i love how simple it is, perfect for summer :)

allison said...

i love this dress. happy sewing!