Sunday, 1 May 2011

Greensleeves (and blue sleeves. and wedding sleeves)

There was a bit of a theme this weekend!

Despite being rather weary after a whole day of walking by the sea, i decided that I would put the evening to good use doing some drawing and working out. I am making two things at the moment from my own patterns, my blue designer rip off dress, and my green cable detailed (also rip off) cardigan - but was yet to work out the sleeves for either. I think i have a mental aversion to them as they always seem like the most difficult and labourious parts.

But I am pleased to have pushed on and look what i've done:

The sleeves for my dress are quite boxy and panelled so there are a few pieces for them.

I am pleased i have sorted that out as it was playing on my mind a little. And hopefully now i will be able to go ahead with some sewing tomorrow (bank holiday joy!) I only hope it works out as have only enough fabric left for one attempt (and failed to find any more in the shop!)

As i was in the swing and had sleeves on the brain, i also managed the knitting workings out...

I am really happy with the progress i have made with this knitting. I (finally) managed to work out a cable design I was pleased with and have now finished the back. Despite my thorough plan making, there was still quite a strong element of trial and error. But completing the back means that most things are worked out and the rest of the pieces should fall into place nicely.

I am wondering if perhaps i have sleeves on the brain because of this most beautiful dress:

the most beautiful dress

I was so joyful that day, and thought everything was so perfect. I was pleased it had a vintage feel as that is my favourite type of style. Kate was a vision - what a lovely wife she will be.

I am pleased to have this dressmaking pattern now... McCalls 1962 wedding dress suddenly seems much more current than before:

disintegrating a little!

Just to clear up the facts quickly incase you get the wrong end of the stick about it - I didn't buy this for the wedding dress, just for when i was a bridesmaid. I made one in navy blue for work too. it's rather a grand one.

I also just want to include this picture of the cake as well! Amazing! 

Yours going to try to stop thinking about the royal wedding now and do some knitting instead,
Lady Greensleeves (of cambridge),  xxx

ps. i also bought some hair tongs. i am kate middleton mad now.

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I like seeing your work in progress!