Monday, 9 May 2011

slow and steady wins the race...

... (and hopefully finishes the dress)

Tonight was meant to be my first evening class back after easter, but i did a sneaky bit of skiving. As I am still to finish putting together my dress, i knew that i would get more done at home so devoted my evening to it.

I continue to be pleased with progress, but starting to feel distressed that i am still not finished. I am not sure what is taking me so long!! I think it is too much stopping to sit back drink tea and eat biscuits (tonight i ate 11) and just admire it.

But i wanted to show the next step...

As you can see, i have done a little bit of work, and managed to put together the sleeves (just pinned on so far) and sorted out the front facings and collar. There was a little adjustment needed there, but i think i've done the trick.

All that is left now is the lining and then sewing in the sleeves. One more sewing machine session surely.

Now i must think of a good excuse to tell my teacher...

Also there was a rainbow. I love those.

And for another thing, i must put my mouse on a diet. I think he is filling up on muesli and not his healthy balanced mouse food diet. He definitely has a double chin now.

So now i better get on with tidying up.
Next time you see me, i'll be wearing that dress by jove!

Yours unfocused and biscuit tummied,
Emilia. xxxxx

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