Monday, 2 May 2011


Today was the last of the long weekends for a while so i really thought i better get on with sewing together my quilt triangles (also i was in a bit of a restless mood and felt that if i did any dressmaking i might not have done such a good job)

I prepared these such a long time ago now, but hadn't forgotten what i had learnt during that process (it had thrown up many a dilemma) and with my trusty working out drawing to refer to, managed to lay the pieces out nicely:

This was the fun part of the task over with and on to sewing all my triangles together. It did feel like quite a chore (probably because of my mood) but once i dedicated myself to the task in hand it didn't really take so long.

And voila, the fruits of my labour:

I am ever so pleased with it. I think my pattern worked out well, and although i was bored and had a couple of sewing mishaps and mismatching seams, the result is not too shoddy (just need a couple of touch ups with my needle and thread. another day.)

Although this was a lot of the work done, there is still quite a lot to do in putting on the border and backing and wadding, and sewing in the quilt design. Although I have told my quilt mentor (a lady i work with likes to make quilts) that i would do the quilting by hand and I know there are some beautiful effects to be gained from doing that, I am keen on keeping things simple for my quilt and using straight lines of stitching along the lines of the triangles. That probably means it is sensible to use the machine. And also sensible considering all the things i am working on at the moment.

Now it is the end of the holiday time for a while, but i am really pleased with all the things i've managed to get done in the last couple of weeks and really feel refreshed for it.

Not so long until the summer holidays. Joyful times are coming!

Yours in the sky with diamonds,
Lucy. xxx

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