Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Me and Herring

This weekend there was a bank holday, but not much good as the skies were grey. I managed to pull myself out of my ear related malaise a little on sunday night with a trip to the pub and a catch up with friends. Just the ticket. I did drink rather a lot of beer though and suffered somewhat yesterday morning. I was meant to go to London with Rich, but i decided it was a bad idea on account of my hangover and with work the next day, but made the most of my mood with a good helping of cooking and eating and treated myself to some polish dinner

My mum bought me this little book when i returned from Poland. It is nice because it has the recipes in both english and polish languages so helps me recognise the dishes. I decided to make Danie z kartofli, jajek i sledzia (casserole of potato, eggs and herring) and Salatka polski (polish salad). Very much egg and soured cream went into it all. And although it didn't quite have the authentic polish flavour, it was treat for sure.


If i wasn't full enough already, i also decided to test out my new loaf tin and make a brack (fruit cake!) I like this recipe because there is just dried fruit, tea, sugar, an egg and some flour. I also added a little milk and hot water to mine to help loosen the mix a bit. It is a real chewy treat.

After all this food i didn't sleep well, and am rather dozy today. Nice to have some leftover herring in my lunch though.

Yours sleepy headedly,
Emilia xxxx

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