Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmouse presents

hello and hello.

i hope it has been a happy christmas for you reading this. i have been so busy with christmas shopping and eating and also have had 2 colds, but also many festivities and joyful times. And now much to catch up on before the year is up!

Some things i have been doing have been secrets because they were gifts. I try to keep christmas crafting to a minimum as it can be quite stressful, but i decided to make some small gifts for some of my friends. i decided a nice treat would be to knit the little mouse, marisol.

the pattern was a free download from ravelry - but there is also an updated version of the pattern, or even a kit for your own marisol  from the yarnigans shop (lovely)

i like the name marisol for a mouse.

I was quite ambitious and wanted to make loads and loads of mice, and knitted a few heads

but in the end i only managed to finish a couple in time for christmas.
here are  the marisol mice i made.

Also i was very pleased because my sister knitted two little mice for me! Rich says they look like they have moustaches.

sweet ones i think!

I will be back soon as I have not forgotten my list.... 3 days left!

Yours festively,
Emilia. xxxx

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d e b b i e said...

i love my christmouse!x