Saturday, 31 December 2011

Quilty pleasure

Now I have finished my squares, my chairmy blanket, and my skirts, the next big thing on my list was my quilt (last seen in May)

Here she is - complete and lovely:

it looks nice on the bed

Although I am quite pleased with myself, I have decided that quilting is not really the craft for me. I really enjoyed working out the pattern and seeing it come together, and i am pleased by it now it's done, but it was hard work to keep motivated with it and I think I was a little slapdash. It was probably quite a lazy attempt, but I really like the design and think i will be pleased of it in the summer for picnics and beach days. And for a first go perhaps i have learnt some good lessons.

I do have another project up my sleeve so watch this space for at least one more attempt at quilting success! But not until next year...

And today is the last day of 2011! There are still a couple of items left on my list to do - those are a handbag i still haven't got round to making (but as I haven't actually started that yet, I don't think it counts), and my cardigan (but news on this soon) The big thing really is that I have not picked up my sampler for a very long time. There is a new years resolution in that for sure! But I am pleased to have whittled that list right down and to have my blanket and quilt finished and in use.

And tomorrow is another year and plenty more time for making.

Yours wishing a happy new year to you all,

Emilia. xx

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