Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pig in blanket

Hello everyone - what a long time i was away for - but now i am back - and despite my silence, and much time christmas shopping, i have been productive with my time too and have a little bit of show and tell.

The main triumph of the past week has been finishing my blanket which i started earlier in the year and last shared progress of in May!

sorry about the shadows - today is a very bad lighting day!

I am really really really pleased with it. Because of all the lovely woollens it is SO warm. So very very warm. And also because of the loose knit and feather and fans, very stretchy so a little blanket goes a long way.

I still have a nice amount of wool left to make tassels for the ends, but i am thinking that they might get in my way a bit, and perhaps i will save those wools for some other little projects.

Another thing to tick off my list - and a real joy to behold!

And another joy is this pig in blanket i knitted in pre blog days. it was for rich because he had never heard of pigs in blankets. he is vegetarian though.

And now time for another hot strawberry ribena and a nap!

but back soon!

lots of love,
emilia. xxxx

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