Saturday, 5 November 2011


I can't believe it. November. wow.

I am setting myself a challenge to complete my outstanding projects by the end of the year. I think it will be good to clear the air for starting lots of new projects next year. And also because i hate having things unfinished so long term.

I only hope this is a realistic challenge.

Here are the unfinished things:

My quilt: Well - this was a project from very early in the year - i have got further with it than i've reported here - the borders and backing are on and wadding within - it is just the stitching along all the lines (in the ditch that's called!) I think this one was shelved when i realised it wasn't all so straight, but when i got it out recently, i realised it's not actually noticable that it's not straight, and that it's going to be a real delight. Also i loved Alexis' wonky quilt so am embracing the wonkiness!

My blanket: is another one from the start of the year, but this does grow so fast - it is just making sure i pick it up and do some. I am really happy with how it looks though - and it'll be good to finish it so that there is a clear space next to my bed!

My Cardigan: what a slow one this has been. I began in the summer and have just started the second front. Still sleeves to go, but i think all i need is some focus. i know that i have done some nice things inbetween so i don't mind that this is still not finished - but i would really love to wear it soon!

My Skirt: i am not worried about finishing this, as progress is good with my classes. but i thought i would put it on my list. The black skirt i was planning to make has sort of lost focus though so i think that might be a good one to push for.

My Squares: are more or less finished. and a teacosy for my shop. i just need to put them up for sale!

My Sampler: Is the one thing which i know i am not going to finish - it's so time consuming. However - it has been quite a long time since i picked it up and I would like that to change at the very least.

My Chair: i haven't mentioned, but i am reupholstering a chair which was rescued from a garage. it's looking lovely, but it has been sitting unfinished for a week... wait and see.

My new handbag: i bought a clasp to make myself a new handbag. i am using the fabric from a very old handbag to recycle. it is in progress, but another yet to finish!

Now i think this is everything. I really hope so!
We have 8 weeks left of this year... and 9 weekends including this one.

better get up!

Emilia. xxxx


d e b b i e said...

lots to do there emily!!! I'm not very good at multi-tasking with my knitting projects but you are an inspiration!

devilbrighteyes said...

Wow all of these projects look great! Good luck with getting them all done by christmas!!