Thursday, 29 December 2011

success with skirts

It was a long time ago when i was thinking about skirt projects for my autumn term of dressmaking classes. I finished the term at the start of december and was very pleased to have completed my classroom project, my Chanel Keira inspired design.

Here is headless harriet modelling (a little crooked photography)

It was really nice to take ten weeks over this and to take time to complete each small step. It really paid off and I am so pleased with the outcome.

You probably won't really remember now, but I had bought some black wool crepe at the same time and planned to make another skirt step by step alongside this one. However, although it seemed really a reasonable task, it really just didn't happen... but inspiration did hit last weekend (or maybe it was the once before?) and i hunkered down for a good sewing session.

I completely changed my mind over what I was going to do after seeing this picture in one of my picture books:

I decided i really wanted a wrap around skirt. I have a kilt, but that's not really the same and so this was definitely a grand addition to my wardrobe.

Unfortunately as the fabric is black, you can not really tell, but maybe can get sort of an idea:

You can also see in this picture a little bit of the jacket i made but i will save this for another time to really tell you about. 

I fear there are still a couple of lumps and bumps but i would rather these sort themselves out with wear than murder the wool with a hot iron - It is such a dream to wear though. As i cut the pattern myself it is a perfect fit, and was even comfortable after my christmas dinner! This was the ultimate test also because I was worried about fastenings. There is no waistband, only a facing at the top, so i really needed the fastenings to be discrete, but as well very sturdy. I think it would be quite easy to completely lose a wrap around skirt if the fastenings failed. I've got some good plastic poppers though which are really flat, but very secure, plus a little hook for extra security measures, but christmas day was a good test and i am pleased to report there were no incidents at all.

I have been reading and very much enjoying my couture sewing techniques book from last christmas. It's really inspiring to see what amazing things can be achieved with real care. I made a real hash of a dress a few weeks ago, and only because I rushed so much (and the fabric wasn't very good). I surely must have learnt by now though. I think it's one of my traits but I am working on it... a good lesson for the new year!

And another achievement from my list! nearly there!

Yours truly,

Emilia. xxxx

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