Sunday, 6 November 2011


Last week we were given this chair which my dad rescued from his friend's garage.

well - you might be asking why - but it is really a lovely retro design - little swivel egg chair. it just had got covered in oil and paint and holes.

But i like a challenge and decided to try a spot of reupholstering. 

(this might be a picture of the wrong side of the fabric!)

i got a very large piece of this fabric, which i hoped was in the spirit of the original and was suitable for the task (and because rich wanted it blue and nothing flamboyant. although i had fun imagining all the possibilities) and set about tucking and pinning.

Here it is in an early stage to try to demonstrate what i did. the fabric had a really good drape and a slightly loose weave so moulded really well over the curves of the chair. I just pinned it in place and set about hand stitching all the seams.

And here is the finished chair! Perfect for guitar playing and knitting alike.

I am so proud of this chair. i have never tried any upholstering before so am feeling very triumphant. And feel like this was a good job of recycling and saving a nice old chair.

and one thing ticked off my list

Yours sitting comfortably,
Emilia. xx


Anonymous said...

Good job! It looks awesome! I'm about to upholster a small vintage kid chair myself, and I'm way in over my head! I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off...

Alexis said...

this looks so great! i'd love to learn how to upholster furniture.

d e b b i e said...

this is grand emily! such a transformation!