Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crochet Items for your home

This morning i have been busy listing some more items in my shop. I was overjoyed last week because I sold my first item - the lovely gloves. They are going to be a christmas present - wonderful!

I was very happy about it, but my shop was looking very bare, so i thought it was time to put some more things there. I had done some crochet a little while ago, but hadn't got around to taking some photos and writing some descriptions. I am finding it hard now the evenings are dark - I don't like to use the flash.

But here I just want to share some of the pictures of the finished items:

I love them all as they're so bright. The items are a set of greek cross square coasters, a set of granny square coasters and a popcorn stitch teacosy. The teacosy is so wonderful! I will be happy if no one buys it so i can keep it myself. Such a bobbly delight (but i will happy if they do as well as it is nice to share)

And here is another thing to tick off of my list. Now i just want to go back to crocheting squares, but i think i should wait until the new year before making more shop items as there is still much to do. I have started making some little christmas gifts too as inspired by this blog the Crafty Christmas Club blog. It's lovely to see all the handmade presents!

Yours busily,
Emilia. xxx

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