Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Little black dress

Last week i was overcome with inspiration, and in rather a hurry, I cut into the black linton tweed i purchased a little while ago.

This one made lots of mess on our sitting room carpet due to much of a fray. I was a little nervous that the seam allowances would fray right down and the whole dress would just come apart when i wore it. But luckily this hasn't yet happened and has been an all round gem. 

it seems to be a little difficult to take a picture of a black dress... 

I am really pleased - the fabric is thick and woolly, but with a lightness and drape to it - you can see that the weave here leaves it almost a little transparent. It is lovely stuff!

Soon I am starting my dressmaking evening class on a wednesday (next wednesday!!) it is with my same teacher as pattern cutting so she said it would be good to be able to still get help with patterns, but also develop with the dressmaking side too. I am looking forward to it, not just for the learning, but also to be able to put aside some time for dressmaking.

i have an idea for my first project already!

Yours, lady in black,
Emilia. xxxx

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