Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Little cakes

Oh my dears - the weather has turned and so have my spirits. I can not believe this summer is ending? However - I am working on many bright and beautiful things to help cheery up my days. They are for my shop - but as I keep starting things and not quite finishing them there's nothing to see here yet.

lots of ends to tie up! 

However, I am very much enjoying myself at etsy at the moment. Although i am not really being much of a salesman - i am enjoying some window shopping (and some just normal buying type shopping) and have found some beautiful shops and blogs because of it.

Today i am happy because i am learning french from Stephanie on her blog Petit Plat. She is an absolute genius (genie absolu) making tiny little foods. i love the tiny christmas cookies (although i know i need to quell my festive excitement for a little while yet - at least until after bonfire night)



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d e b b i e said...

i really like the colours of these!!!