Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Birthday Deer Eleanor

On wednesday it was Eleanor's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SPECIAL FRIEND!

We had a really lovely celebration - a lovely italian meal with friends, and a little bit too much complimentary limoncello. oops.

I have been really enjoying handmaking gifts just recently. it's lovely when you give yourself lots of time. i think i was previously traumatised by a handmade christmas - but I am feeling encouraged once more.

I found some lovely soft cream wool in Yorkshire, a little while ago now, and (as Rich said it best) it is the perfect combination of Nanna and Baby which made it good for Eleanor's tastes.

I made her a scarf knitted in blackberry stitch. It's a lovely bobble effect. I will write a small lesson on blackberry stitch below - it is a nice one for scarves. I found it in my book, Mary Thomas's book of Knitting Patterns. She also recommends that it is good for jumpers, borders, hats and bags.

I wish you much warmth and comfort with this item dear friend.

Much love,
Emilia. xx

(ps. and of course there was cake - dolly mixture galore)

ps. can you tell i have been using photoshop?? perhaps a little obvious with this neon cake!!

Blackberry stitch (also known as bramble stitch and trinity stitch):
Here is how to achieve this effect (thank you Mary Thomas):

Cast on stitches in a multiple of 4 plus 4 edge stitches
(start with a wrong side row)
Row 1: k2, *(k1,p1,k1) into next stitch to make 3; pass yarn to front of work and p3tog; pass yarn back * and repeat from * to * across row until 2 stitches remain; k2
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: k2, *p3tog; (k1,p1,k1) into the next stitch* Repeat from * to * across row and k2 to finish.
Row 4: Purl

Repeat these 4 rows.

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