Saturday, 24 September 2011

Miracle grow

Hello and let me show you something really amazing.

A few weeks ago i was looking after my friend Beth's tomato plant when she went on holiday and took a little stem to try to propagate (with her permission of course) This was a good few weeks ago now, and i just put the cutting in some water and left it alone as much as i could (i am very impatient with plants - rate of growth is so slow ) I knew that it would be a couple of weeks before anything happened.

This week I have been looking at it and beginning to feel hope was gone.


But i looked at the stem a couple of days ago and there was a little blob of white at the end. I thought perhaps it was decay.

BUT LOOK! (i don't actually know if you can see) it's grown a ROOT.

I am so excited. There has been a lot of tomato plant action amongst friends this summer and I am keen to get in on the action for next year. I am not sure if this little shrivel will ever produce - but now i feel that if it just survives and grows even one leaf I will be triumphant.

Perhaps it is since i have been putting the radio on in the morning?

Yours green cross fingered,
Emilia. xxx

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The life after said...

That's very nice!! I love plants, but I'm completely unable to take care of them. Thank you for you kind comment.
Hope you'll follow me!