Friday, 30 September 2011

autumn is ... springing?

Although the summer has come to a close (officially, although the weather this week has been HOT!) my little collection of plants have been doing very well indeed. Here is a little show and tell of all their new shoots - i am so pleased. I have never really been one for plants so am feeling very happy about their success:

First i will show you my hoya (wax plant) this was really touch and go over the summer as these are some cutting's from my mum's plant - but there are so many new shoots on there now I think she is out of the woods.

I really love the flowers on this so i really hope i will get some next year.

Next i must show you this photo I took back in july of a spider plant i rescued from work:

not so hot back then.
but NOW look.
the same plant on the magic windowsill:

It has even got a branch with flowers! and little baby spider plants. i've had a lot of spider plants in my time but none of them have ever done this! Perhaps it was the tasteful pot i put him in. Although i think a lot of my success has been finding the right windowsills for the right plants. This one as been on the south facing side all summer and must love the sun.

Next is my christmas cactus (on the north side!)

there you can see the little tiny bobles of growth (the darker bits). I am pleased this is growing - it is just some cuttings from Rich's mum and some from my mum so i like that this plant runs in the family. Although not all of the leaves have new growth yet, they all have new roots so I am happy with this one.

And do you remember the tomato plant?

Well, it appears that little root was no fluke as now there is quite a lot of root from that tiny shoot!!

I decided (on Deb's good advice) that it was perhaps time to pot them so they could reap the nutrients of the earth. So here he is in his new home. Not looking so healthy i suppose, but i know that below ground he is doing well! He is on the magic windowsill now with the spider plant so i hope there will be some more magic.

This week also i ordered some paperwhite narcissus bulb. I heard that this is the right time for planting bulbs into your garden for the spring and it got me looking about for something i could grow indoors. I thought it would be nice to have some bulbs over winter which would flower in the spring to give me a sign of hope. However, i think with these ones growing indoors, i might have flowers for christmas which would be even more lovely i think. I hope my chirstmas cactus will flower too so i have a home full of blooms in the deep mid winter.

I have quite a lot of plants now, even more than i told you about here - they are a lovely new hobby to have. And lovely for making the house a home. My cousin has started a blog now and she has a whole garden so you must definitely take a look! We have a lot of shared interests I think.

Yours horticulturally,
Emilia. xxx


devilbrighteyes said...

Wow your plants look lovely! I love my garden loads but as for house plants, I am not really on the ball! I have an orchid in flower at the moement but i have to remind myself to keep watering it... The last one I had I magaged to kill so watch this space!

The life after said...

The plants are crazy in Italy too...

Emilia said...

it has definitely taken me a while to catch on with the house plants - but now i have i've gone a bit mad! I think i like the excuse to buy nice pots for them! it's good incentive when you see growth too and this flat seems to really be a good place for them. I don't think they can possibly be as hard work as proper gardening though, but maybe a good little bit of practice! xxx