Thursday, 22 September 2011

Today i had my first photoshop experience!

I signed up to use photoshop online, just for a little experiment really. I am not all that good with photos and technology, but really love all the great banners and pictures i see on blogs and online shops and thought it might be a good thing to look into.

The online version is really very basic i think, but still a bit better than the photo editor i have - i think because each option (things like exposure, saturation, enhance) gives about 6 different variations of the effect so it's really easy to just choose the one you think looks the best, even if you don't really know what it means (like me). There is also a retouch tool which was confusing me to begin with, but did start making a bit more sense.

Look what I managed to do for my etsy shop banner:

^ before and after v

This was just a photo of one of my labels but the retouching and brightening has made it much nicer- don't you think. I like how much more shiny the gold is - it's like it was washed!

Now i am playing with the colours too. lots of things i can do.

I am hoping it means i might be able to jazz up my blog too. that would be grand.


Technologically yours,

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