Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lovely Gloves

In the summer I went to stay with my nanny and granddad in yorkshire. It was so lovely to spend time with them. I have a lot on common with my nanny as she also loves to make things. 

As a present, she said i could take some of her old knitting needles (i love the old coloured and plastic ones the best!) and also this book, Knitting for all (illustrated!)

 it's a little bit grubby on the cover - but it think it's in good condition for 66 years old

Inside is such a delight - so many vintage gems and so many great pictures  - the captions are amazing!

My first project from the book is a pair of gloves. I liked this pattern a lot because they were knitted on just two needles, and had a lovely pattern on them. I've never knitted gloves before so a good one to try.

I also chose these because they are made in a 4ply and I really love Rowan pure wool 4ply at the moment. I used it for my christmas moss detail jumper and also my raspberry cardigan and also the socks i made for mum. This time i used the same blue as the jumper again as it's such a lovely vintage shade.

And the result is most pleasant i would say. I have decided to put these ones for sale in my new shop (a new project for me!) but definitely want a pair of these for myself now so has gone on my list of projects. I am still working on my little shortie for myself at the moment. I have noticed that the season now is changing a little so i think the knitting pace will be picking up momentum very soon.

Yours cable hands,
Emilia. xxxxx


Alexis said...

love the gloves, love the book, and love the new shop! good luck with it :)

Emilia said...

thank you Alexis! xx

SJ said...

Those gloves are so pretty!