Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pouffed out ... Feet up!

It was aaaages ago now that Rich and I decided we needed a new pouffe.

We just had a little one my mum made but it's not really big enough for 2 sets of feet. Mum had some foam though and said i could use it to make another one.

Here you can see photos of the progress.

1. The foam (cut a bit crooked with a breadknife!)

2. I cut some calico squares to make a cube

3. Here is the calico cover with the foam stuffed in! It's a bit lumpy bumpy though (due to rough cutting) i tried to even it out a bit with some soft toy stuffing but it only really made things worse.

4. To disguise the lumps and bumps i knitted a cover. I am really pleased because this also used up a massing ball of super chunky wool from my stash - much more space in there now. I put it together so that 2 sides are stocking stich and 2 sides reverse stocking stitch, and the top is a woven effect of the two.

5. ready to put the feet on. Here you can also see i was on a bit of a roll and covered our little brown cushion with the leftover fabric from our curtains.

Yours pouffed out,
Emilia. xx


d e b b i e said...

lovely! good making dear

devilbrighteyes said...

Wow i love it! You are so talented! x