Friday, 13 January 2012

a new year new knit

For christmas, my friend Hayley gave to me this wonderful book:

It is such a gem - full of vintage knitting patterns right through from the 1920s to the 1980s. It's got a lovely introduction to each chapter about knitwear at each decade and loads of lovely projects.

I have picked this little gem for my next project - a 1950s, lacy yoked and oh so soft cardy


I found it really nice that these are all patterns which have been adapted from vintage patterns for a modern knitter. That means the wool recommended is still available! This one recommends Orkney Angora yarn - one called Magnus DK. It's 50% angora and 50% lambswool and such a beautiful soft yarn. What a luxury!

Unfortunately I didn't make a tension square before starting and got quite a long way before i had a chance to check my sizing. It was only then i realised that i was quite a long way out. So then I did a small tension square but a bit lazily really, and only to check the number of stitches. I just assumed the number of rows would fall into place. But unfortunately my laziness (as it always does) came back with vengence and they didn't. Normally it might not matter because i would just knit a few more rows but because of the yoke design of this pattern, I didn't want to risk it all coming out too squashed. So I have now started again with a happy medium needle size. third time lucky...

too small and too big. too many sleeves.

It's quite a satisfying one as all knitting on circular and double pointed needles meaning it will be totally seamless (except for sewing on the button bands). And also very pleasing because of how lovely the wool feels. And also because it's a new project, i have my knitting motivation back.

Yours softly softly,
Emilia. xx

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