Friday, 6 January 2012

A little jacket

I have recently been reading a lot about Coco Chanel as Rich bought me another most amazing book for christmas. I am really inspired at the moment to just wear black and white, and also really love the coco philosophy on dressing for comfort and movement.

As i knit lots of cardigans i had the thought that maybe i could also make a cardigan but without knitting - just out of fabric - like a chanel jacket. I was not so worried that it would look like one (although they are beautiful) but was thinking more in the vein of it being comfortable and well fitting and finished.

I found some lovely soft flannel and thought it was very much in the spirit of comfort and softness.
It was really just an experiment, and the result is not quite a cardigan, but I am really pleased with it. I am going to try to wear it for work - a bit of power dressing!

I found a nice bobbly trim which finishes it off a treat, and hooks and eyes to fasten. It's definitely very jackety rather than cardiganesque, but I used my close fitting bodice block to draw the pattern so it is the reason it is quite tailored. I am going to have another go though, and experiment with an easy fit bodice block to see if it makes the difference.

The lining is peach and i love how you can see it in the sleeves!

I have done a little google search for patterns, just to see if they exist, and was pleased that i found a few gems:

This one is from alana's cherished treasures but comes from america and there don't seem to be any of these sorts of patterns easily available to me. But it has given me some inspiration and belief in the challenge. I think this weekend I will try drafting my pattern pieces.

I think also the choice of fabric will have an effect, and it was one of my personal course aims at dressmaking to make something in jersey or a knitted fabric so next term i think this will be a good project for me. And as I am keeping away from the shops for such things, it will be good to have an alternative to knitting everytime i would like a cosy new cardy.


 ps. i had my hair cut! New year - new me!

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