Monday, 2 January 2012

Richard's christmas slippers

Now I am just going to bed because i have to get up early for work. it's going to be a shocker.

i just thought i would cheer myself up though by sharing Richard's christmas slippers and remembering those festive times, not so long ago (this time last week was boxing day!)

Just before christmas i was suffering with a terrible cold, and on my sick bed while Rich was at work i decided to make him a small gift...

 Here is Rich after christmas wearing the slippers with his new batman socks

I used Nanny Parker's trusty handwritten pattern (nanny Parker was my Great Nanny) and managed to knit a whole pair before lunch.

The pattern calls for a pom pom on the toe, but i thought this was pushing my luck with Rich. I am pleased that he likes them though - good for the house

Cosy foot!

He has this picture on Facebook and the best comment likened them to giant baby booties. i like that comparison.

I hope you have a good day if you are going back to work tomorrow. it won't be so bad - lunchtime before we know it.

Yours better get sleeping,
Emilia. xx

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