Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lovely Linton

I would like to show some lovely fabrics i treated myself to with my christmas money. Linton fabrics no less. I find them so delighting!

There is a black boucle textured fabric, some herringbone with coloured tufts, and a lightweight dark green wool crepe. joyful for me.

And I have already started my projects so i thought i better get you up to speed:

The first project was easy - i had already decided what i was going to do, even before it arrived and so voila - another wrap around skirt. Here you can see the design a bit better, but it is exactly the same pattern as my black wool crepe skirt.

It's much heavier than the black version but good for keeping the knees warm. The fabric seems bolder now it is a skirt, but has a really retro feel about it i love.

I have not yet cut the green wool crepe and not sure about what it will be. I think a dress - perhaps my little empire line one, but i am still deciding. I wasn't sure what it would be like as only really got it because it was on offer so was a bargain. I am really pleased I went for it too as it's lovely so maybe it will be good to wait a while until inspiration really hits.

And with the black? Well - this was a real dilemma. When i bought it I had in mind to make another jacket. But then as i haven't really worn my jacket i wasn't sure if it might be better to stick with a dress. but as i already have a linton fabric black dress, and because i did buy it especially so i could make a jacket i decided that would be the plan.

I drew up an easy fit bodice block which i think is going to be such a useful addition to my patterns.
Here it is:

I had been wanting to draw this for a while and now have finally done it. It's only the maths which puts me off, but this was really quite straightforward - maybe because it is a simpler shape than the close fit block - or maybe because I had done it before and it wasn't such a daunting task.

I adapted the block only slightly - moving the darts to centre shoulder and adding the buttonstand and front facing to create a  very simple jacket shape. It all looked good, but i didn't want to make any mistake with my lovely fabric and so I used one of Rich's old bedsheets to make a toile (he said he didn't mind. we don't use it any more so i think this was good recycling)

I doubled up the sheet fabric to better replicate the weight of my black fabric, and was so pleased with how easily it went together. The sleeve went in like a dream. As soon as i tried the toile i knew i was on to a good thing. It was such a lovely fit.

And so, i went for it and have now cut the black fabric and sewn up the darts and seams and here is a sneak preview.

I am SO excited about it. It's quite different from my little the grey jacket - definitely a much more comfortable fit and lovely shape. And maybe it is the lovely fabric - or just my expert pattern cutting skills (ho ho), but it all went together wonderfully easily. Even the sleeves.

I have still got some finishing off to do, and am still not sure about adding a lining or not (i like the way it hangs at the moment, but it might finish it off better) so this story is to be continued...

Hurruh! I am very encouraged by my first couple of weeks of 2012 making. So pleased.

Yours stitched up,

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