Tuesday, 10 January 2012

my newest shortie

I am so so pleased to be able to show you my latest knit - the newest shortie.

Here is a little reminder of the original pattern:

And here is my finished version:

The pattern was written for a 3 ply, and in one size only, so i had to make a few calculations to make it work in my 4ply wool, and made the body slightly smaller to fit me better. I wanted to keep the shaping at the armholes and sleeves though so they are the same size as the original and so maybe slightly out of proportion, but i don't think it really matters and i have really enjoyed wearing her.

I changed my mind about the buttons at the last minute as these little peach ones were a sweet match (and also because i want to save the pearls for a special event!). Here is a little close up of the wool too - it's so lovely with flecks of red, yellow and blue - it's Rowan scottish tweed 4ply in Herring (i think herring - maybe mackeral - a fish name for sure!) it's also lovely and light - but so warm as well.

Hurruh hurruh! Looking back i started this at the end of july. i love to think that it was started on the beach on a summer day, and now keeping me warm for winter.

Yours sporting the latest fashions,
Emilia. xx


Yumi said...

Pretty cardigan Emily. I'm missing the beach knitting days. xx

Emilia said...

Thank you Yumi, i am really pleased with this one.

I'm missing beach knitting too it's so cold and grey here.

And i'm missing knitting with you. i hope you are well though and still with a knitting project? Perhaps we can have a video conference knit? I'll suggest it to Debbie.