Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fairisle for me

Although i am knitting quite a lot for the baby at the moment (i can't help it - little things are so nice to make!) I did get some beautiful wool for my birthday last month.


I am using a pattern from the same range as my monochrome fairisle snowjumper from last year. Here is the original - shades of grey, black and white:


But i decided i would prefer to make a more colourful version and found this lovely wool - Drops Alpaca. There are a great number of colours to chose from, but i decided to pick from their mixed colour wools which have a slightly tweedy appearance.

You might think an alpaca is a bit of a wirey wooled creature, but this wool is the softest of any wool i've ever used.

I am not sure if i perhaps should have gone for a paler background colour, but i am pleased with the way this is going. Here is a sneak preview.


Back complete!


It's proving a little bit of a challenge as a lot of concentration is needed, but i am trying to stick with it as i know this will be a lovely new cardigan for the winter if i can finish in good time.

Yours alpacarama
Emilia x


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Aurora Prois said...

Hi Emilia,

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