Tuesday, 20 August 2013

little red riding hood

A little while ago while i was trying to make some more space, i had a very ruthless clear out of my wool, only keeping the ones i thought i could definitely use and limiting myself to one basket full! It was a bit brutal - but it is nice that all the balls don't get so tangled up now.

One ball that survived the cut was a massive ball of red chunky wool from tea cosy projects of yesteryear. It made me think that red is a very good unisex colour when you have to clothe a baby but don't yet know if he's really a boy or not!

I did a little ravelry search for baby patterns in chunky wool and my favourite was this one - a little snug!

I enjoyed this one as the construction was really interesting - you might be able to tell from the picture - it was all knitted in garter stitch and more or less seamless. And the pattern was really informative with lots of good instructions. I learnt some good skills like provisional cast on (using a bit of crochet) and grafting.


I hope this will keep little baby as cosy as it keeps our tea! xx

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