Monday, 12 August 2013

little legs

Soon we will have a baby come to live with us! And i am really very much into nesting mode. We have managed to clear our spare room so we can make it more like a home for him in there. And I have started collecting some warm woollens as am very aware he will be with us in November and the start of the cold months.

Ebay has been a wonderful source for hand knit cardigans and jumpers and i've managed to collect some real gems. I decided my hand making energy will be best directed having a go at making some trousers for baby. I can already tell there are some good legs on that little one - he is exercising them well.

We don't know if he   will be a boy or a girl. But everything does seem to be quite blue... but i thought it will be easier to sew lots of bows onto blue things, but making girls clothes into boy clothes is more challenging! There is logic there somewhere.

Anyway, with this leggy mission in mind, i managed to find some good patterns for trousers and leggings.


This knitting pattern was one i found after a charity shop rummage. i stormed through the little leggings  in no time...


The wool i got in the sale and it is lovely and soft, but i am not sure about it for a cardigan/bonnet/mittens (i ran out for the last few rows and had to improvise - odd foot). I will definitely try to do another pair of these though in something a bit woolier that will lend itself better to creating the whole suit (my poor baby!)


I also was pleased to find this dressmaking pattern to be able to make some little things using my sewing skills. The baby looks a bit hot in all those clothes, but it seemed to be a perfect collection for the winter, including a little jacket and dungarees (i want to make those in corduroy!) for now i have had a go at the little trousers in this brushed cotton fabric. They are so soft!



They were supposed to be lined, but i thought this might just all be a bit much fabric in the end (now i look at it, perhaps this pattern is for out-wear) Because i just used a single thickness it did create the need for a bit of improvising with the turn ups and waist band, but i am pleased with how i managed.

Snug baby.


Catherine Clarke said...

So he's a HE! Exciting times :D xxx

Emily Baker said...

We're not sure if a He or a She, but i thought it nicer to pick one than for him to be an It! Not long until we find out for sure now. Everyone seems to think a he, but it could go either way!!!

ps. CONGRATULATIONS - i just saw news about your house! Can't wait to hear all. xxxxx